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Wooden Sculpture Clock

The custom designed clocks of Kinetic Sculptures That Keep "Pretty Good" Time are one-of-a-kind artistic creations that resemble beautiful, vintage timekeepers. We take extra steps to ensure each clock is made with care and attention.

Artistic Creations
Wooden Internal Structure of Clock

Create your own design for unique timepieces with our clock kits. Depending on your skill level, we can provide a little bit, or a lot, of help in the clock creation process. Show your artistic and creative side while assembling these kits.


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About Us

Here at KSTKPGT of Livermore, California, we create handmade wooden clocks that stack up favorably with some of the finest artistic timepieces around.  Our beautiful sculptures harken back to the days when clocks were admired not only for their function, but also for their look. This means each clock is gravity-driven by weights, and requires winding up. 

David West, an electrician by trade, established our company.  While living in New Hampshire, he worked on the Old South Ward Meeting Hall in Portsmouth, NH.  A colonial-style building with an old clock that was very well maintained.  After taking a video of the clock and watching it years later, it sparked a passion deep inside of him.

This caused David to research and teach himself how to make clocks, thanks in part to Clayton Boyer's clock designs.  Once he had an understanding of the process, he began designing his own timepieces in October 2014.

Strongly wanting to provide excellent products, we hope people are happy with our art.  This was recently reinforced when we received the Editor's Choice Blue Ribbon, awarded by Maker Faire in May 2015.

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